For a launch price of

only 1.700€

Spools are unnecessary and complicated

Everybody knows these problems. Empty spool while printing, the leftover filament is not enough for the next print or you don´t have the colour you want to use?

Changing spools? Never again!

The Re-Fila is compatible with all FDM-3D-printers that have an open filament system. The patented FilaSense technologie allowes for just-in-time production based on the current material consumption. You can refill the device during the printing process without interruption. You never have to change the spool and even the longest prints can be realized without interruption.

low price granulat

Polymer granules are a lot cheaper, with prices of 6€ per kg. This enables you to save up to 85% of your costs.

continous filament

Because of the just-in-time production, storage on a spool is unnecessary. This enables you to produce continuous filament.

exotic materials

With your own filament extruder you are able to choose from a wide variety of materials. Now you can choose materials not available in filament form.

conserve resources

Thermoplastics can be reused almost infinitely. You can take obsolete test prints or failed prints and reuse them for the next project.

The Re-Fila

The Re-Fila is a miniature Filament extruder, made-in-germany, with a stylish design. With the newest sensor technology and the FilaSense process, the production speed can be synchronized with the material usage of the printer. Neither additional software or hardware connection is required nor CAD / gcode files in order to work with the printer.

Easy installation, easy use

We don’t want to make printing more complicated, oure goal is to simplify it! The Re-Fila is ready to use in no time.

plug in the Re-Fila

fill with granulat

extrude filament

feed filament in printer

After feeding the filament into the printer for the first time you can print any time.


Maximilian Gunzelmann

B. Eng. Maximilian Gunzelmann

development / software

M. Sc. Allan Karim

management / distribution

Moritz Kölbel


M. Eng. Maximilian Dietrich

hardware / design



c/o SCE

Heßstr. 89

80797 Munich (Germany)



Can I produce filament with different diameters?

Yes, the nozzle can be exchanged. We provide you with the standart diameters of 1,75 mm 2,85 mm and 3 mm.

What kind of connection to the printer does the Re-Fila need?

The Re-Fila does not need a software connection to the printer in any way. The just-in-time production is only controlled by sensors, which sense the filament.

Can I use materials other than PLA and ABS?

The Re-Fila is able to use any thermoplastic up to a melting range of 260 °C (500 °F).